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Model Number: DLX-100
Operating Temperatures: Up to 165 degrees of Fahrenheit ( 74 ºC). 
Power consumption: 1150W,  110 V, 20 amp regular household outlet. 
Heater Locations:
One heater on front wall, two on back wall, and one under seat
Exterior Dimensions:
Width 37" x Depth 41" x Height 71"
Box Dimension:
Width 36" x Depth 36" x Height 71"
Seat Capacity:
Seat 1 average size person
Wood Type : Hemlock
Music player : MP3 player, AM/FM, SD card/UBS connection
Reding Light : yes
Exterior LED Light : yes
Tempered Glass: Yes
Seat Type:
1 extra deep bench across the back of the sauna
Digital Control: Dual digital controls
Loading Quantity: 20 FT/40HQ : Around 30/60 PCS
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