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Far Infrared Saunas
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Our Quality Sauna Features:

Portability, exceptional quality and easy installation make our Quality Saunas a personal luxury affordable to enjoy in the privacy and comfort of a user’s home. Quality Sauna Warehouse is proud to present our advanced range of Far Infrared therapeutic saunas at an affordable price! 
   Therapeutic grade, high end infrared heaters
•  110 -Volt plug-in
•  Tempered Glass on all glass doors and windows.
•  State-of-the-art dual digital control panels.
•  Reading light
•  Stereo Speakers
•  Built-in feature-rich music player
•  Hem-Fir timber Benches with rounded edges.
•  Wall and ceiling panels pre-fabricated.
•  30 minutes - one hour assembly using one screwdriver
•  No plumbing or wood working required.
•  No permits required.
•  No maintenance
•  All walls are blind nailed.
•  Saunas are handcrafted by experienced craftsman to the absolute highest industry standards.
•  Fresh air ventilation, breath comfortably
•  All our Hem-Fir panels are custom cut and aligned to match from one wall to the other, all V-joint match up, each individual piece of Hem-Fir is cut and trimmed for an exact fit.
•  Cost 10 cents per 30 min. session
•  Totally portable.
•  Lifetime warranty on heating elements.


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