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Far Infrared Saunas
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Our Quality Sauna Features:

Portability, exceptional quality and easy installation make our Quality Saunas a personal luxury affordable to enjoy in the privacy and comfort of a user’s home. Quality Sauna Warehouse is proud to present our advanced range of Far Infrared therapeutic saunas at an affordable price!

  Durable non-toxic odor-free timber on all Interior panels, ceiling, floor, and exterior side panels.
•  Patented ceramic therapeutic grade infrared heaters
•  110 -Volt plug-in
•  Large Tempered Glass on all glass doors and windows.
•  State-of-the-art dual digital control panels.
•  Reading light
•  Stereo Speakers
•  Built-in feature-rich music player
•  Hem-Fir timber Benches with rounded edges.
•  Wall and ceiling panels pre-fabricated.
•  Less than 30 minutes assembly requires when using one screwdriver

Portable Infrared Sauna

•  No plumbing or wood working required.

•  No permits required.
•  No maintenance
•  Benches are assembled from the bottom, while all walls are blind nailed.
•  Saunas are handcrafted by experienced craftsman to the absolute highest industry standards.
•  Fresh air ventilation, breath comfortably
•  Saunas DO NOT have corner moldings which are used to cover up imperfections, all our Hem-Fir panels are custom cut and aligned to match from one wall to the other, all V-joint match up, each individual piece of Hem-Fir is cut and trimmed for an exact fit.
•  10 min heat-up time
•  Cost 10 cents per 30 min. session
•  Separates into pieces – totally portable.
•  Lifetime warranty on heating elements. 

The quality of our saunas starts from the best, top in the line, therapeutic grade, pure ceramic far-infrared heaters! Paying a couple of hundred dollars more or even thousands more doesn't mean you are getting a better quality sauna. It only means you are supporting the indirect marketing. We have the enlarged picture for you to take a closer look in details. We assured that you won't find a better sauna for less money.

Quality Sauna is one of America’s first distributors of chemically safe, therapeutic far-infrared saunas for chemically sensitive people. Using non-toxic Hem-Fir wood and non-allergenic materials, the designers have functionally integrated a therapeutic heat source with comfortable and convenient operating controls to provide a pleasurable sauna environment that you can relax in. Quality Sauna also delivers an impressive range of therapeutic benefits.

All Quality Sauna Warehouse® far infrared saunas feature high quality lumber and double wall construction. Aside from just a few low end models, all of our saunas use a very reasonable amount of tempered glass, instead of using a full glass front panel! Tempered glass is cheaper to purchase than wood, it does not preserve the temperature as well as the double layered wood walls do. The transparent, all glass saunas does not provide you with the same private, comforting, and soothing feeling that you receive from a traditional style, all wood sauna.

The wood used in our saunas is not the less expensive 2” wide planks that some other manufacturers use. For our saunas we use wood that is approx. 4” wide. A few importers try to claim that using the less expensive narrow wood board is better, but that information is false and misleading. We would like to lay down some facts to help show you why the broader wood board is a better choice when building a sauna.
(A) When selecting a knot/hole free, high grade wood, the bigger and broader the wood is, the harder it is to find, so they are more expensive to purchase then the smaller, narrower wood board. As a result, saunas built with broader wood planks will cost more to make.

(B) Broader wood planks have less air leak points or gaps than the narrower wood boards. That helps to create a tighter and better air retaining sauna.

(C) Imagine if your furniture was made up of a whole bunch of small pieces of wood VS larger, more evenly colored wood. It would be pretty easy to tell which one was a higher quality piece of furniture.

(D) All the wood that we use to build our saunas is kiln-dried for about a month before they are used. They are precisely cut and treated as a single long board. Broader wood boards are much stronger than the narrower wood boards. Broader wood boards are less likely to bow, warp and crack, in return, making for a higher quality sauna.

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