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The Therapeutic Benefits of our Far Infrared Sauna: Cancer Information
Far Infrared radiation is used to increase the temperature of the entirebody(whole body Far Infrared Sauna hyperthermia) or of areas with tumors or metastasized sites (local or regional). The far infrared radiation operates either through all-encompassing energy emission or through focused emitting devices specifically directed to treat the affected area. The cancerous cell has its weakness in the resistance against heat. The mechanism of hyperthermic treatment is that cancer cells are far more vulnerable to heat than healthy cells. While a temperature above 103°F does not harm normal cells, it damages the enzymes, the membranes, and particularly the DNA of cancer cells. Cancer cells need their own blood supply to grow into tumors, but their blood vessels are very fragile; heated to 103°F they shrivel up. With their blood supply cut off, tumor cells die.

The greatest cause of cancer is from the toxic substance accumulated inside the body. Reducing the burden of body toxins, both heavy metals and nonmetallic toxins, is a critically important factor in restoring health and vitality to individuals with chronic illness and cancer. Several published studies have now shown that infrared hyperthermic therapy can bring about the rapid removal of a wide range of toxic substances from the human body
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